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Traffic Counting

Predictive Analytics for Intelligent Traffic Management and Improved Road Safety

Enable effective traffic counting, boost traffic flow, enhance road safety, and reduce congestion. By accurately analyzing and predicting traffic patterns in real-time, traffic authorities make data-driven decisions and implement proactive measures.

Navigating the Challenges of Traffic Counting for Data Accuracy

Mitigating traffic issues can be complex due to congestion, inadequate public transport access, and recurring accidents.

  • Traffic Congestion: Heavy traffic congestion limits the ability to accurately count vehicles.
  • Data Management: Generating insights from data necessitates precise management.
  • Safety: Implementing safety measures in high-risk areas.

Delving into the Process of Traffic Counting Trained Model

Enhancing Transportation Management with traffic data through collecting, processing, analyzing, and visually reporting data to improve infrastructure and safety.

  • Dataset Preparation: Cleaning, transforming, and organizing raw data into an insightful format.
  • Vehicle Counting: GMM (Gaussian Mixture Models) counts vehicles via video surveillance in detection zones.
  • Detection and Classification of Vehicles: Validating the categorization of vehicles through a visual classifier.
Traffic Counting
Traffic Counting

Revamp your Traffic Management Strategies Using our Real-time Analytics Solutions

We analyze transportation infrastructure and recommend tailored solutions to improve traffic flow and reduce travel times.

  • Automatic Vehicle or Pedestrian Counting: Leverage automated sensors to count and measure traffic flow.
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition: Automatic detection, capture, and interpretation of vehicle license plate information.
  • Traffic Violation Detection: Detect when a driver violates traffic laws or regulations.

Reinvent Mobility with Computer Vision and Unleash Smart Transportation

Analyze and interpret the bustling streets, highways, and transportation networks with unparalleled accuracy. From traffic patterns to congestion hotspots, we provide real-time insights, empowering traffic authorities to make informed decisions for optimized traffic flow, enhanced safety, and improved transportation efficiency.

Uncover Valuable Patterns and Insights

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