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Overspeeding Detection

Detect and Deter Drivers from Exceeding Posted Speed Limit

Detect overspeed vehicles through surveillance and improve road safety by preventing the number of accidents caused by excessive speed. Through Computer Vision, traffic authorities receive alerts or notifications when a vehicle exceeds its speed limit.

Addressing the Challenges of Overspeeding Detection for Enhanced Road Safety

Early detection of speeding vehicles through wireless technology and sending alerts to the authorities about overspeeding on roads.

  • Traffic Control: Controlling the traffic and monitoring the speed of the running vehicles.
  • Road Accident Prevention: Preventing the occurrence of road accidents.
  • Safe Speed Limit: Follow speed limits while driving on a pathway.

Simplifying the Process of Overspeeding Detection

Speed limits can be efficiently monitored by traffic authorities through Computer Vision, thereby reducing incidents of overspeeding and promoting a safer environment for drivers. 

  • Sensor Data Collection: Sensor data is collected in real-time or in batches from speedometers.
  • Speed Calculation: Speed calculated via GPS or sensors from pre-processed data.
  • Speed Limit Comparison: If the speed limit is exceeded, an overspeeding alert is triggered.
  • Alert Generation: System sends an alert for overspeeding.
  • Record Keeping: Monitor and record overspeeding.
  • Analyze and Reporting: Improve driving with overspeeding pattern analysis and speed limit optimization.
Over speed detection

Alert Traffic Authorities Regarding Speed Limit Violations on Highways & Zones

Track and log vehicle speeds with the DL algorithm in a specific zone, red lights & highways, aiding in enforcing speed limits and modifying driver behavior for improved road safety.

  • Overspeed Detector: Detect when a vehicle is traveling above a predetermined speed limit.
  • Speed Checker: Automatically enforce speed limits.

Enhance Road Safety Through Computer Vision Overspeeding Detection

Traffic authorities can improve road safety and implement preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of accidents by using overspeeding detection that can effectively identify overspeeding vehicles.

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