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Automated License Plate Recognition

Fast and Accurate Automated License Number Plate Recognition with Vision AI

Effortlessly recognize license plate numbers to simplify toll collection process, automate parking operations, and optimize fleet management for better efficiency and enable data-driven decisions by extracting information of numbers from vehicles.

License plate

Maximizing Security with License Plate Recognition through Computer Vision

Managing traffic with traditional methods is inefficient and error prone.

  • Traffic Violation: Identify traffic violations and stolen/non-registered vehicles.
  • Automated Parking Management: Eliminate the need for human interaction in managing parking.
  • Toll Payments: Automate payments by recognizing license plates and thereby reducing traffic at toll collection points.
  • Illegal Border Crossing: Reduce illegal border crossing.

From Image Capturing to Matching: The Process Flow of Automate License/ Number Plate Recognition

Improve safety and efficiency in various areas such as law enforcement, parking management, and border control through our quick and accurate license plate data capture and processing.

  • Image Capture: ALPR/ANPR cameras capture license plate images from stationery or moving vehicles.
  • Pre-processing: Images are processed for accurate license plate character recognition.
  • License Plate Localization: A plate is located by isolating the region of interest (ROI) using Computer Vision algorithm.
  • Character Recognition: Apply optical character recognition (OCR) techniques to recognize and interpret the segmented characters, converting them into readable text.
  • Database Matching: ALPR system matches license plates for identification and sends alerts.

Boost Security Measures with Our ALPR

Implement our ALPR to streamline your processes and reduce the risk of errors, accidents, and enhance security measures.

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