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Vehicle Mapping and Tracking

Real-time Vehicle Tracking System using Deep Learning

Map and track vehicles on highways and roads through images or video streams captured by surveillance cameras mounted on roadside infrastructure to identify individual vehicles. Discover the capabilities of Computer Vision in accurately monitoring the movements of multiple vehicles on the road.

Vehicle Mapping

Navigating Through the Challenges of Vehicle Mapping and Tracking

Providing real-time visibility into traffic movements and activities for effective vehicle tracking

  • Traffic Management: Track and find the real-time location of vehicles.
  • Monitoring & Surveillance for Security: Track vehicles for any suspicious behavior/activity.

Efficiently Map and Track Vehicles with Our DL Algorithm Trained Model

Track multiple vehicles in time series based on convolutional neural networks.

  • Vehicle Detection: Gather information about the presence, movement, and characteristics of vehicles.
  • Object Classification: Recognize various vehicle types and by CNN train the data set for various types of vehicles.
  • Tracking: Predicts vehicle’s live position and identifies motion dynamics and characteristics to locate the position of a vehicle.
  • Mapping: Vehicle mapping extracts relevant attributes from tracked vehicles.
  • Trajectory Analysis: Trajectory analysis examines tracked vehicle movements for insights.
  • Visualization and Reporting: Visualization and reporting tools present the tracked data effectively.
Vehicle Mapping

Real-time Vehicle Tracking for Efficient Traffic Management and Security

With Computer Vision, traffic authorities and police forces can analyze real-time vehicle tracking and implement measures to monitor traffic, route optimization, incident detection, and gain security benefits for investigation. Transform Your Traffic Management for efficient traffic flow, reduced congestion, and improved operations

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