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Remote Patient Monitoring

Efficient, Real-time Chronic Patient Care with Remote Patient Monitoring

Enable continuous monitoring of patient’s health conditions by leveraging Computer Vision technology. With image and video processing it can ease healthcare providers to remotely assess and track patients’ vital signs, activities, and overall well-being. Thereby helping Healthcare providers to deliver personalized and proactive care, even from a distance.

Remote patient monitoring

Vigilance for Vitality: Reducing Patient Mortality through Enhanced Monitoring

There is a growing demand for remote patient monitoring caused by the emergence of highly infectious diseases, demographic shift towards ageing population, and the rise in complex health issues.

  • Lack of Monitoring: 75% of adverse health conditions and preventable deaths outside ICU due to lack of monitoring.
  • Accessibility Issues: A Computer Vision-based system was needed to manage healthcare for unattended patients in rural areas globally.
  • Compliance: Hospitals/clinics need an intelligent patient monitoring system due to changes in regulatory standards by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Real-time Assessment and Treatment for Chronic Patients

Remote monitoring allows for healthcare providers to collect patient data outside of the clinic setting, which facilitates care for a range of conditions from chronic illnesses to recovery from acute health events.

  • Computer Vision automatically collects health data using wearable sensors, fitness trackers, and other handheld wellness devices.
  • Transfer collected data to the care provider at a distant location.
  • Analyze data to provide real-time insights to the care provider.
  • Provide data-driven diagnosis and care to the patient.
Remote patient monitoring
Remote patient monitoring

Improve Quality of Care for Acute Patients with Remote Monitoring System

Computer Vision gives patients and healthcare providers access to relevant patient data in real-time, thus improving overall quality by providing value-based care.

  • Increased Patient Engagement: RPM devices empower patients to take an active role in managing and comprehending their health conditions, enhancing patient engagement.
  • Improved Healthcare: RPM enables patients to conduct basic health checks, thus healthcare providers can treat more patients.
  • Higher Levels of Education and Support: Patients receive daily information and feedback about their personal health conditions.
  • Patient Assurance: Continuous monitoring ensures that health issues are identified quickly, and patients receive treatment on time.

Better Healthcare through Remote Patient Monitoring with Computer Vision

Monitor vital signs, detect patient sudden falls, track medication adherence, monitor wound healing, and assess behavioral patterns remotely for better patient outcomes. Get real-time access to critical patient data to improve patient health and reduce healthcare costs.

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