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X-ray Film Classification

Improve Diagnosis Accuracy with X-ray Film Classification

Discover the power of automated film classification analysis with Computer Vision for precise and timely diagnosis to achieve significant improvement in diagnosis and clinical care with Deep Learning systems that automatically identify specific characteristics of human tissues.

Xray-scan film classification

Streamline Diagnostics: Revolutionizing X-ray Film Classification for Radiologists

The routine tasks of a radiologist including patient-facing work, multidisciplinary work, training, and audits demand efficiency. However, there is a shortage of trained radiologists across the globe.

  • Inaccurate Diagnosis: Overlapping tissue structures in the affected region increase the degree of complexity in interpretation.
  • Lack of Trained Specialists: Efficiency is a major problem due to the shortage of specialized radiologists.
  • Slow Processing: Doctors take longer to interpret scans manually, which delays subsequent treatment.

Right Treatment with X-ray Film Classification

The Deep Learning model is trained with large datasets consisting of Chest X-ray/CT-Scans/MRI images of various patients. Domain Knowledge plays a vital role in molding this model to exactly fit any use case.

  • Pre-Trained Deep Learning model for X-ray anomaly detection.
  • Trained Custom FC layers for classification based on anomaly types.
  • The Deep Learning model can be trained for other types of illnesses such as Atelectasis, Infiltration, Pneumothorax, Cardiac hypertrophy, Effusion, Lumps, Nodules and Mass.
  • Model accuracy of 83% reported with the test environment using ensemble methods.
Xray-scan film classification
Xray-scan film classification

Provide Effective Treatment Options with X-ray Film Classification

  • Accelerate Patient Care: AI alerts radiologists about the condition of severe patients to provide immediate treatment.
  • Accurate Diagnosis: Vision AI automatically identifies benign/malignant tumors leading to early detection of chronic health conditions.
  • Effective Healthcare: The Deep Learning system empowers radiologists to discover conditions that may be previously undiagnosed/unknown to the patient.

Deep Learning AI-Powered X-ray Film Classification for Accurate Diagnosis

Accurately classify various anatomical structures and abnormalities on X-ray images. Improve diagnostic accuracy and workflow for healthcare professionals while prioritizing patient privacy and data security.

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