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Surgical Instrument Tracking

Automatic Detection & Tracking of Surgical Instruments with Vision AI

Preventing surgical errors is of utmost importance in delivering better patient care. Intraoperative Monitoring System enhances surgical safety by providing real-time monitoring and detection of errors during surgical procedures. Upgrade surgical workflows with Computer Vision algorithms to automatically detect and track surgical instruments during procedures eliminating errors.

Surgical Instrument Tracking

Preventable Errors, Unthinkable Consequences: Eliminate Risk of Surgical Tool Left-Behind

Most often, these mistakes occur during abdominal surgeries. An unwanted tool presses the nerve or occupies space causing pain, perforations, sepsis, or bowel obstruction.

  • Infrequent Incidents: Infrequent incidents may cause serious harm to the patients.

  • Infection Risks: The foreign body can impair the function of a body part or cause infection.
  • Distractions: Long or complex surgeries may be hampered with fatigue, noise interruption, communication etc., leading to wrong count of devices.

Identify Missing Instruments with Surgical instrument Tracking

An automatic detection & tracking of ‘Surgical Instruments’ during surgical procedure using Deep Learning. Real time visualization through software dashboards improves the efficiency of medical procedures by automating the identification and tracking of surgical tools.

  • The cameras are custom fitted in the surgical room to track instruments and alarm the authorities on missing instruments.
  • The Deep Learning system continuously monitors the OT surgical instrument tray (Area of Interest) using AI Neural Network Model and reports the status through Dashboard application.
  • Alarm generated can be connected to third party apps/devices adhering to healthcare communication standards (ISO/IEEE 11073)
Surgical Instrument Tracking
Surgical Instrument Tracking

Improve Quality of Patient Care with Surgical Instrument Tracking

By using surgical tool detection, hospitals and medical facilities can significantly reduce the risk of surgical errors such as leaving a tool inside a patient’s body.

  • Reduction in Costs: By preventing surgical errors and increasing efficiency, surgical tool detection can reduce costs associated with medical malpractice claims, reoperation expenses, and wasted resources.
  • Compliance with Regulatory Standards: Implementing surgical tool detection can help hospitals and medical facilities meet regulatory standards, such as those set by the Joint Commission, which requires hospitals to have a process in place to prevent retained surgical items.
  • Instant monitoring: The whole procedure is monitored, and video is stored along with timestamp to increase patient safety.

Real time Surgical Instruments Detection & Tracking for Safer Surgeries with Computer Vision

Automatically count the number of surgical instruments placed in a tray before and after the operation. With this seamless workflow, surgical teams can provide exceptional patient care, while reducing the risk of surgical complications.

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