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Foreign Object Detection

Automate Quality Checks with Vision AI for Foreign Object Detection

With Vision AI, accurately identify foreign particles and contaminants to assure that products meet the highest standards of quality and safety. From dirt, fungus and debris to harmful substances, secure the purity of food products, and bottles.

Enhancing Product Safety

Enhancing Product Safety: Addressing the Challenges of Foreign Object Detection

Quality control involves inspecting, testing, and monitoring. To achieve it, establishing clear standards, and consistent processes, training employees, and conducting regular evaluations are complex.

  • Enhance Development & Production Process: Enabling AI to interpret visual data from images/videos enhances quality control and competitiveness. 
  • Streamlines Procedures & Increased Efficiency: AI enhances efficiency and streamlines processes by monitoring products and providing data-driven design suggestions to businesses. 

Maintain High Product Standards with Precise Detection of Foreign Objects

Our AI-driven Vision System employs Deep Learning to identify foreign particles in high-resolution imagery

  • Detection: Identify foreign objects or particles both on the surface of a product and within transparent materials. 
  • Vision AI System: The AI Vision System uses cameras, sensors, detection algorithms to identify the defects or changes in production conditions. 
  • Instantaneous Post-Processing of Detected Results: Based on inspection results, decisions can be made to reject, or continue production. 
  • Quality Control Standards: Adheres to stringent quality control standards and regulations specific to industry.  
Our Precision Foreign Particle Detection

Mitigate the Hazard of Contaminated Products Using Vision AI for Foreign Particle Detection

Contaminated products severely risk the safety of customers, leading to huge losses and legal consequences. Identify and eliminate foreign particles, safeguarding consumer health and satisfaction while optimizing the production processes with Vision AI technology.

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