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Fill Level Inspection

Leveraging Vision AI for Precise Fill-Level Inspection

In industries such as pharmaceuticals, bottling, and food manufacturing accurate and consistent filling of products is important. Using Computer Vision, determine the level of content in transparent bottles accurately and ensure compliance with regulatory standards while maintaining product quality and quantity. 

Bottle Fill Level Inspection

Advancing Precision with Fill-Level Inspection Using Vision AI

Ensuring accurate fill levels is essential for product quality, safety, and regulatory compliance. However, several challenges can arise in the Fill-Level Inspection process. 

  • High-Speed Production Lines: In industries with high-speed production lines, the inspection system must function quickly and effectively to keep up with the pace of production, which can be challenging when precise measurements are needed within a limited timeframe. 
  • Variability in Container Sizes and Shapes: Containers are available in varied sizes and shapes, making it difficult to propose a Fill-Level Inspection solution that can seamlessly accommodate all types of packaging. 
  • Integration with Production Equipment: Integrating Fill-Level Inspection solutions into existing production lines can pose challenges. Compatibility issues and the need for customization to suit specific production setups may arise. 

Fill Level Monitoring with
Vision AI

Deep Learning algorithms and Visual Recognition capabilities offer a precise and automated solution for monitoring, measuring, and regulating the fill level of transparent bottles.  

  • Image Acquisition: Capture images of the transparent bottles on the production line.  
  • Preprocessing: Improve image quality using filters, resizing, and color adjustments to remove distortions and noise.  
  • Fill Level Localization: A Deep Learning algorithm is used to locate the relevant fill level region in acquired images during analysis.  
  • Fill Level Analysis: Analyze fill levels with the algorithm and compare the observed fill level with predefined reference models.  
  • Decision-Making: Analyze, flag, and sort transparent bottles based on fill level, and report results. 
Fill level inspection
Fill level inspection

Minimize Waste, Maximize Efficiency with Fill Level Inspection

Implement Computer Vision solutions for real-time detection, correction, and tolerance control, ensuring precise and error-free fill levels in manufacturing and production. 

  • Overfill Prevention: Monitor and prevent excess matter filling, ensuring that containers do not exceed specified levels. 
  • Under Fill Detection and Correction: Detect insufficient filling and implement corrective actions, such as adjusting fill rates or rejecting under-filled products. 
  • Tolerance Control: Tolerance control to manage acceptable variations in fill levels, ensuring operations stay within predetermined limits. 

Setting Industry Standards in Fill-Level Inspection with Vision AI

Measure and verify the exact fill level of your products, whether it’s beverages, pharmaceuticals, bottling, or other products from different industries, our Inspection solution ensures that each container is filled to perfection. 

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