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Driver Distraction Detection

Detect & alert Driver Distractions and Improve Safety with Deep Learning Algorithms

Analyze the behavior and actions of drivers to determine if they are distracted while driving a vehicle. With surveillance on the road monitor the driver’s face, head, body movements for secure driving with Computer Vision, eliminating unnecessary distractions.

Focusing on the Challenges of Driver Distractions for Unnecessary Distractions

Distracted driving behaviors, such as sleeping, eating, drinking, talking, texting, or using a cell phone while driving can cause dangerous accidents on the road.

  • Road Accidents: Distracted driving causes road accidents.
  • Traffic Violations: Ignoring signals and reckless driving leads to danger.
  • Safety Concerns: Well-being and security of passengers.

Analyzing Driver Behavior to Prevent Distractions through Deep Learning

We analyze driver behavior, detect distractions, and provide alerts to keep drivers focused and safe with the DL train models.

  • Input Image: Surveillance captures the driver’s images and videos.
  • Preprocessing: Our model detects distracted behavior by analyzing body movements.
  • Distraction Detection: Identifies the difference between distracted & non-distracted behavior.
  • Alerting: Distracted drivers alerted by surveillance authorities.

Stay Focused, Alert Driver Distractions, and Always Prioritize Safety

Real-time analysis of visual cues enables immediate alerts to authorities, preventing accidents. 

  • Visual Distraction: Distractions by the cluttered environment, unwanted visual stimuli, and multitasking.
    1. Localization of Facial features: Identify and locate specific features on a human face.
    2. Eye Tracking: Measures the movement of a driver’s eyes.
  • Manual Distractions: Distraction from using their hands or body during driving.
    1. Hand Detection: Localizing the position and movement of hands in the video.
  • Cognitive Distractions: Distractions to a person’s concentration due to internal thoughts, feelings, or emotions.
    1. Head Tracking: Track the movement of a driver’s head in the video.

Secure Safety with Vision AI Solutions for Reliable Transportation

Our Machine Vision System monitors driver’s attentiveness, fatigue, and adherence to traffic rules, providing useful insights for authorities and send alerts to drivers from accidents happening.

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